How do Animated Tutorials work? How do I get to them?

Your Photomath Plus subscription includes access to more than 100 AI-powered Animated Tutorials, and we work hard every day to create even more of them. They are an upgraded version of our old animations and simulate how a teacher or a tutor might explain a problem on a whiteboard. That could really enhance your Math learning experience and take understanding of solution steps to the next level! Starting from September 2021 they even have a voice-over, so even if you are not a visual learner, you will love our new Animations.

Here are the Math areas that have an Animated Tutorial on our app:

  • Adding numbers using a number line
  • Adding numbers using integer chips
  • Adding numbers using long addition
  • Subtracting numbers using a number line
  • Subtracting numbers using integer chips
  • Subtracting numbers using long subtraction
  • Multiplying numbers using long multiplication
  • Dividing numbers using long division
  • Dividing numbers, with a remainder, using long division
  • Dividing numbers, to a decimal, using long division
  • Long division with decimals
  • Polynomial division
  • Converting fractions into decimal numbers with division steps
  • Rounding numbers and decimal numbers
  • Solving equations using the graphing method
  • Converting decimal into fraction
  • Adding and subtracting polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Writing the number in scientific notation
  • Adding the fractions
  • Writing exponential form in expanded form
  • Writing exponential form in standard form
  • Find the power of a power
  • Rewrite the negative power
  • Multiply exponential expressions
  • Write in expanded form using exponents
  • Divide exponential expressions
  • a1. Draw a model for a fraction using a circle
  • b2. Draw a model for a fraction using a rectangle
  • c2. Write equivalent fractions using division
  • d2. Write equivalent fractions using multiplication
  • And many more... Check out the examples of some of the Animations on our YouTube channel or simply scan a math problem, that has an Animation and see how it works for yourself.

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