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Damir Sabol


A note from Damir


We get it.

If you’re wondering how to help with homework but not sure where to start, you’re right where our founder was seven years ago. Even as an engineer with substantial math training, Damir had trouble explaining concepts to his three children.

That’s how Photomath was born.


Letter from our founder.

I’m a father of three, so I understand that homework can be frustrating for the whole family. I’ve struggled to explain math to my teenage son (or even to remember what I learned in high school) — and as an engineer, I thought there must be a better way.

That’s why I created Photomath.

As parents, we want to help but don’t know how, are short on time, or can’t find the right words to make math make sense. Photomath was born to bridge that gap. You can feel confident that when your child scans a problem with our app, they’re seeing step-by-step explanations that are focused on the “how” and backed by global research, proprietary technology, and expert verification.

We’re expected to know a lot as parents, but the truth is we don’t have to know everything… at least, not when it comes to math.

Damir Sabol, founder

Math help for the modern world

Photomath aims to strengthen both comprehension and confidence in today’s students, and we work hard to provide clear, digestible instructions for every problem — because it’s really not about the answer.

It’s about the process.

  • Expert-backed methodology
  • Process-focused explanations
  • 24/7 on-demand help
  • Common core-aligned
Plus video

It's like a personal math tutor on your phone. It's useful for both beginners and relatively advanced users.

Daniel F., student

My son started middle school and his math is significantly more difficult. Photomath shows him the steps to get the correct answer and the lightbulb came on.

Jennifer L., parent

I used to hire tutors that were over $100/hour but they often didn't teach in a way that resonated with my kids. Photomath's step explanations are ideal for self-paced learning and it's saving me hundreds of dollars each month!

Katie C., parent

This app was very helpful for my daughter. Simple and answers well-explained.

Roman S., parent

The step-by-step explanations help me check my kids' homework for accuracy and the app clarifies concepts and improves their independent problem-solving abilities.

Albert G., parent

This app is amazing for kids to help them understand math. As a parent, I don't know too much about algebra and this has helped me with my kid's homework.

April C., parent

I'm in 8th grade taking high school Math 1 and this is so helpful for math problems I don't understand. It doesn't only do the math, it teaches you how to do it so I can show my work.

Sky Y., student

Let's face it, how long has it been since I took math class? This app helps me remember how to solve stuff and makes explaining math to my kids so much easier. 

Susan S., parent

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Photomath is FREE to download and its core features are free forever, which means the only thing standing between your child and the help they need is your app store.

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Photomath Plus includes premium features for that extra dose of confidence.

Secure an entire year of 24/7 math support for less than you might pay for a single hour of in-person tutoring.

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