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Photomath 101: Get Math with Photomath

Photomath 101: Get Math with Photomath
Hands holding a mobile phone above the notebok, scanning handwritten math problem in the Photomath app.
Scanning a math problem using Photomath app. (Right photo by ilgmyzin on Unsplash)

Getting started with Photomath

Are you new to Photomath? First of all: Hi! Welcome! Second: Don’t worry — we’ve got everything you need to get started.

You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store and start scanning your math problems right away (and by “scanning” we mean “using the app to take a picture”). Photomath is designed with students and parents in mind, so it covers different disciplines from arithmetic to calculus, and even geometry and word problems! All you need to do is scan your problem; then, Photomath will walk you through each step of the process in detail so you can learn how to solve it.

What is Photomath used for?

Photomath is a math solving app that can help you keep up with your studies, finish your homework, and explore more complex and interesting math problems beyond those taught in class. With Photomath Plus, our premium version, you get even more features and details, like our beloved Animated Tutorials (great for visual learners!), custom Textbook Solutions, teacher-approved definitions, and deep dives into the “why” behind steps.

An effective math solving app that shows the work

What makes Photomath unique? Like math itself, we understand this isn’t just about the answer to a problem — it’s about the process. That’s why the Photomath app helps you understand how to solve something. We provide deep explanations and reasoning behind each step, so you can grasp the why and how of each solution. This approach encourages deeper understanding and gives you the confidence to tackle similar problems on your own in the future!

Photomath FAQ

We know you’ve still got some burning questions about using Photomath! Here are a few we typically get:

Is Photomath free?

You can download Photomath and see basic step-by-step explanations at no charge. If you want to go deeper, there are additional features and resources available with Photomath Plus.

How do I resize the viewfinder?

It’s important to have a good grasp of how to use the viewfinder in order to capture your entire problem during the scan. You can resize the viewfinder before you scan by tapping and holding any corner of that white-edged rectangle. Drag it in any direction until it fully covers your math problem! This helps you get the best possible scanning window for quick and accurate results.

Screenshot of a mobile phone screen with Photomath app, showing the handwritten math problem being scanned with the phone camera.

Can I edit a scanned problem?

You sure can! Just tap the edit button (the little pencil next to the equation) to make changes.

Screenshot of a mobile phone screen with Photomath app, showing the step-by-step solution of a scanned math problem.

Where do I find the solving steps and detailed explanations?

We want you to gain an in-depth understanding of the solving process, so be sure to explore the detailed explanations in the solution card at the bottom of your screen after scanning. You’ll often see multiple cards, offering different methods to solve a problem, or alternative explanations. Find what’s right for you and tap “Show Solving Steps” to break down each step and expand your math knowledge!

What happens if Photomath can’t solve my problem?

Trust us: We know it can be frustrating when you scan something that Photomath can’t solve yet. It’s frustrating for us, too! But our team of highly skilled math experts (including former math teachers!) are always working to deliver explanations for every problem under the sun. If it was just a recognition error from your scan, you can correct the equation using the edit function. Otherwise, your feedback is always valuable to us, so don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always working to improve our learning experience.

How can Photomath help me learn math?

Photomath is an effective math tool that harnesses the power of both AI and real-life math experts to help you on your learning journey — whether that’s breaking down confusing problems, checking your homework, or exploring deeper details and complex concepts.

So if you’re studying for a math final, preparing for the SAT, or struggling with different types of math problems (we see you, geometry and world problems), there’s no need to stress. Photomath has your back.

Our step-by-step approach makes math processes more digestible, and the detailed explanations help you get as much context as you need.

Math learning is an incredibly personal and often vulnerable experience, so think of us as a safe space to grow. We’re here to help you find your confidence and empower you to ace those exams — whatever that looks like for you.

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Various math problems with handwritten-looking font on the math notebook background.