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Note to self for a new school year

Note to self for a new school year

Hey, me. It’s me.

I’m having a hard time believing school has started. I feel like summer just started, and somehow I’m back in school again??

I miss the pool days, late curfew, and sleeping in — the warm weather and spontaneous plans. And I’ll definitely miss not having homework.

TBH, I’m a little nervous for this year. I’m taking a few classes I don’t really feel prepared for, even though my guidance counselor said I should be fine. Do I even remember anything I learned last year? What if I fail a test? What if I fail a class?

Whoah. Deep breaths.

I mean, I got a C in math last year, and I survived. I didn’t want to get a C in math, but I did, and I survived — and I got an A in history! History was confusing at first, but I found a few interesting things and finally figured out how to study in a way that made it stick.

I need to focus on those positives more this year. I do want to get my math grades up, but I think going a little easier on myself might actually help. If I’m being honest, I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I feel like I do worse when I’m more stressed.

I should really keep that in mind this year. Maybe I’ll try blocking out my time so that I can get to bed at a reasonable time. Hopefully I can learn to trust myself more, too — but also ask for help when I need it. I am NOT good at asking for help right now… so I guess I should start small. I just need to realize that it’s okay to need support sometimes.

So, I guess I just want to tell myself that, no matter what, it’s going to be okay. I can tackle whatever comes my way this year. I’ve overcome challenges before, and I’m smarter than I think I am.

All I need to do is set myself up to succeed, and trust that I can handle the rest.